In India, Sholay was one of the classic Bollywood movies. It was launched in Chennai, and if my memory serves me well, it played in two Chennai cinemas for more than a year. It was always a full house. I still doubt that any movie, in any language, can ever match the caliber of Sholay in any Indian language.

Amitabh Bachchan, Amjed Khan, Hemamalini, and Dharmendra starred in Sholay, which featured a gripping narrative and fantastic performance. The music was enthralling. To comprehend it, one does not even need to know Hindi. Such was the body language. The action moments were just incredible.

Sholay is one of the classic Bollywood movies and the most recognizable flicks. It has taught some extremely crucial lessons about friendship, love, and loyalty. The film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Sanjeev Kumar, and Amjad Khan. Sholay has become a cult classic and is one of Bollywood’s most well-known flicks.

So We have carved out a list of some classic Bollywood movies that are on the same level as Sholay. 



The British did not hand up independence to India on a silver platter. The declaration of independence was the consequence of a lengthy and violent fight. The narrative of “Kranti” is about how two guys became soldiers in that war. Sangha is an honest and committed laborer in the Ramgarh kingdom, pledging allegiance and devotion to no one except Raja Laxman Singh. 

When Sangha discovers that the British are taking out gold and jewels and bringing in munitions after Laxman Singh conditionally authorizes them to use the port for commercial purposes, he puts a stop to it. When he rushes to report this atrocity to Laxman Singh, he finds him stabbed to death and charged with treason and murder.

When he is sentenced to death, he escapes and organizes a group of revolutionaries with one goal in mind: to drive the British out of India. This gang grows into multiple armies, all with the same goal in mind: an independent India. This is also referred to as Kranti.



During a shootout with the cops, a violent criminal named Don is slain. Because only DSP Desilva is aware of the occurrence, he hires another individual named Vijay, Don’s carbon copy. Vijay is put in Don’s group to take Don’s position, and DeSilva plans to capture the entire gang in this manner. When Desilva is killed during a raid, the secret that Vijay is not Don is buried. Vijay is now on the run – from both the police and the criminal group – and must discover the last piece of proof to establish his true identity before it’s too late.

The film Don is about Don (Amitabh Bachchan), the boss of an underground group, till Police Officer D’Silva (Iftekhar) tracks him down and kills him to apprehend him. But D’Silva is the only one who knows about Don’s death. So Officer D’Silva chases down a Don impersonator named Vijay.

Vijay impersonates Don to bring down the rest of Don’s gang. At the same time, the DSP tells him that he would provide a suitable education for his wards, who are actually Jasjit’s children (Pran).

Meanwhile, Jasjit is released from prison after serving his sentence, only to discover Officer D’Silva has a red journal that reveals Vijay’s actual name. Official D’Silva is assassinated by Malik, introduced as an Interpol officer but is actually the genuine mafia kingpin. It’s now a race to find the journal in which the DSP chronicled the replacement of the true Don for the innocent Vijay.

Dharam Veer 

dharam veer

The plot centers around two brothers separated at birth but reconnect as adults and create a close connection. Also discussed are the problems that put their bond to the test.

The plot centers around two minor kingdoms in British India; Court intrigue, murder, assassination, Royal excesses, and injustice to the subjects were all characteristics. They all make an appearance in the novel. Princess Minakshi of one of the kingdoms goes tiger hunting and falls in love with Jwala Singh, a warrior hunter who saves her life. Jwala Singh vanishes while out tiger hunting, and the stage is set for the drama.

Because the monarch is unaware that Minakshi married her lover, Minakshi becomes Queen of a neighboring kingdom while pregnant by Jwala Singh. Court intrigue separates one of the twin sons she gives birth to. As they grow older, the prince (Veer) and the ironsmith (Dharam) become good friends. One falls for a princess, while the other for a seafaring gypsy. A major portion of the novel revolves around Dharam winning the love of a haughty princess and Veer succumbing to the attraction and perseverance of a gypsy girl.

Sujan Singh, the mastermind behind the palace intrigue, gathers a gang of like-minded individuals to assist him in staging a coup. In its day, Dharam Veer was the highest-grossing picture at the box office.



Vijay Varma (Amitabh Bachchan) and Ravi Kapoor (Shatrughan Sinha) are childhood pals. When they believe they have grown sufficiently, they decide to enter the legal profession, one as a police officer and a lawyer. Their lives take a change when they each meet a lady named Sheetal Sahni (Zeenat Aman) at separate times and locations. 

Both fell in love with her and can not understand each other’s feelings. Then an old nemesis of Vijay’s named Mr. Daaga (Prem Chopra) enters the scene and deploys in such a way that the two buddies will forever be misunderstood.



Shaan portrays the narrative of DSP Shiv Kumar, a bold, honest, and genuine police officer. He lives in the country with his wife, a daughter, two brothers, Ravi and Vijay, who are con artists to the core and will do everything to defraud wealthy people. Their deception led them into difficulty with the law one day, and their brother was obliged to arrest them, and he has no sympathy for them. They were released a few days later, however, since they kept a low profile in jail. Shiv Kumar chooses to look into the death of mobster and smuggler Shakaal and his crew in the line of duty.

After their brother’s death, Ravi and Vijay resolve to reform their ways, where they are persuaded by Rakesh, a marksman, circus master, and an old adversary of Shiv, who resolves to reform his ways and join hands with the two legendary to attack Shakaal, who hides a man-eating crocodile on a distant island.

Shaan offers everything a moviegoer could want: humor, drama, action, fantastic music, and an all-star ensemble. Not to mention a vehicle pursuit, a hostage situation, a firefight, a diamond robbery, and a dangerous aquatic monster!

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Ajit Singh (Dharmendra) discovers that his parents and younger brother were murdered in cold blood by a vicious bandit. Ajit Singh sets out to hunt the bandit Bharat Thakur after swearing an oath to seek his retribution (Ajit). However, because he is wanted by the police for stealing things by accident, Ajit goes into hiding and ends up watching a gory shootout between the robbers and the police. The police were on their way to establish a police station in the rural town. Bharat Thakur has the authority to provide law and order to the inhabitants. However, Bharat learns of the scheme, and as a result, all of the cops are killed in the shootout.

After witnessing this, Ajit decides to pose as a police officer and carry out their purpose. When he gets into the village, he finds just village folks too afraid to confront the robbers. Ajit Singh must now train them for his goal to succeed – can he ever complete his ‘pratiggya’ against Bharat?

Mera Gaon Mera Desh 

mera gaon mera desh

Major Jaswant arrests Ajit for his offense. After his release, he is invited to a village, where he is startled to find Major Jaswant, who has retired and lost one of his hands, was the one who invited him. Ajit meets the lovely Anju, and they fall in love. Jabbar Singh, a bandit, terrorizes the community by murdering those who testify against him and his gang. During one of the village raids, Ajit defeats Jabbar. Jabbar now seeks vengeance for his humiliation and pays Munnibai to spy on Ajit to learn his whereabouts.



Ravi Khanna (Amitabh Bachchan) lives peacefully with his widowed mother, disabled sister (Farida Jalal), and younger brother. He has a fatal brain tumor and only has 6 months to live. To provide for his family, he accepts blame for a murder he did not commit to collect the Rs 5,00,000 ransom. He leaves a trail for the cops to follow, and he gets convicted as a result. He is attacked while in prison. The jail officials transport him to the hospital, where he has a successful operation. He is now a confessed criminal for kidnapping, ransom, and murder, which he placed himself.

To avoid the death penalty, he flees the hospital in pursuit of the true culprit. He enlists the assistance of a crook named Michael (Pran). The storyline develops after many twists and turns, revealing the actual identity of the perpetrator and releasing Ravi Khanna.

The Burning Train 

burning train

Vinod Verma has always wished to build the greatest and quickest railway in India. He will see his goal come true when he joins Indian Railways and his plan is put into action; it took him years of hard work and commitment, in-and-out at night and day. The train is eventually finished after six years and is known as the ‘Super Express.’ 

The train’s debut journey would be from Delhi to Bombay at a record pace of 14 hours. Vinod has created many enemies over the last six years, one of them being the son of the railway board’s head, Randhir, who had a bomb hidden on the train, endangering the lives of around 500 people.

Khote Sikay 

khote sikkay

Jhanga (Ajit) is a callous, violent, and vicious dacoit who has terrified the entire region. The police cannot apprehend him since he has various hideouts and local people are unwilling to give up any information for fear of retaliation from his fury. A black hooded horseback rider (Feroz Khan) is seeking for Jhanga to revenge the murder of his father, a judge (Satyen Kappu) who had convicted and condemned Jhanga. Still, Jhanga manages to escape anytime he gets close. Then five men, all small criminals, arrive to earn the prize for turning Jhanga over to the cops.

These five men do not trust the horseback rider and will not work with him. While these men argue over who would get to Jhanga first, Jhanga is secure in his lair, plotting further attacks on the helpless people. Is Jhanga ever going to be apprehended?