It takes a lot of money to halt crime or take over the world, and these characters have enough money to achieve either… or both. So who are the richest superheroes… or villains?

It’s not simple to be a superhero. You’re always up against insane villains who spend all of their time plotting horrible methods to kill you. It’s hard to have a stable, healthy relationship, and no one ever truly appreciates you for always rescuing the world. It turns out that it’s a very costly profession to keep up with — handmade bulletproof outfits and interesting, one-of-a-kind devices aren’t cheap. It’s why so many enigmatic crime fighters are actually millionaire businesspeople. Superman can only afford to be a journalist since he requires no more help. He’d be crashing with Bruce if he wasn’t the strongest guy in the universe.

Consider how much money Lex Luthor must spend to continue developing Kryptonite weaponry; it’s not like Kryptonite is a highly rare rock that sells for millions of dollars per pound. World dominance isn’t a really smart investment. We have to wonder why supervillains don’t just utilise their intellect to figure out lawful ways to rule the world. Well, we’re fortunate that Bill Gates is such a wonderful person. We sometimes wonder if heroes and villains have a class system.

When Tony has to meet with heroes like Luke Cage or Hawkeye, you know he’s a snob. Perhaps Vandal Savage has little regard for these new money villains. Money, as the cliché goes, makes the world go round. That means it’s time to compile a list of the richest superheroes and villains.


Mister Fantastic aka Reed Richards 

mister fantastic, reed richards
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Net Worth: $5 Billion+

Reed Richards’ genius has funded everything the Fantastic Four and their pals could need, being the brightest person in the Marvel Universe. True, he inherited money, but it was only the beginning. He grew wealthy by putting money into himself. The patents on his various inventions have funded for the construction of the Baxter Building and the operation of Fantastic Four Inc. Now, if he could only figure out how to make his movies profitable, he’d be a genuine genius. With all that said, he is one of the richest superheroes as we know of…

Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias 

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Net Worth: $7 Billion+

Unlike the other heroes on the list, Adrian Veidt’s riches may be even more amazing because he gave up his inheritance and rebuilt his life from the ground up. He exploited his hard ethic and unrivalled brilliance to become even wealthier than before. As the world’s brightest man, he pioneered genetic engineering and donated his fortune to philanthropic causes all around the world. We’d think he was fairly great if it weren’t for the entire Watchmen and “Doomsday Clock” thing. With all that said, he is one the richest superheroes as we know of…

Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow

green arrow, oliver queen
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Net Worth: $7 Billion+

It’s difficult to keep count of how many times Oliver Queen has lost and regained his riches throughout the course of DC’s several reboots. However, for our purposes, we shall discuss him while he is at the pinnacle of his achievement. Much of his income is dedicated to assisting the needy, and what’s even better is that he’s not cleaning up a mess; he just wants to make the world a better place. However, we must address his needless fixation with trick arrows. We all know things aren’t cheap, and we’re left wondering how he purchases them since he’s not the richest superheroes.

The Green Arrow, or Oliver Queen, has lost his money countless times, but has also reclaimed it all. One of the biggest reasons he can’t keep his money is because he’s quite generous with it. He enjoys assisting the needy and sincerely wishes to do so. To assist others, he always appears sincere. Despite his noble intentions, he also enjoys spending money on trick arrows, which aren’t exactly cheap. With all that said, he is one of the richest superheroes as we know of…

Wilson Finsk aka Kingpin

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Net Worth: $30 Billion+

The finest evil guys can lurk in plain sight. Wilson Fisk, as the Kingpin, has mastered this facet of criminal life. All the heroes know that his money is got through unlawful means, but they cannot prove it, so he is free to continue his operation. He even uses his clout to take over some of their businesses. Daredevil reveals he gained a lot of money from the reconstruction and development that occurred after the Battle of New York. So, in a manner, The Avengers handle his wealth and power. With all that said, he is one of the richest villains as we know of…

Victor Von Doom aka Dr Doom

dr doom, doctor doom, victor doom, victor von doom
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Net Worth: $35 Billion+

Doctor Doom’s global authority and influence, as well as his immense fortune, stem from his position as ruler of Latveria. Although it is a tiny country, his technological prowess has elevated it to prominence. He utilises the proceeds from his patents to help his people and discourage strangers from contaminating the nation. We’re not awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize since he’s still a lunatic, but subsidising a full country on his own is amazing. Consider how much more prosperous Latveria would be if he pursued less the Fantastic Four.

He is, however, portrayed as both an anti-hero and a villain. He’s also a genius in a variety of subjects. He’s even taken control of the entire country of Latveria, and it’s all his, lock, stock, and barrel. He has many patents in his name and is an expert in robotics and cybernetics technology. But there’s no doubting that he’s a technological genius who provides a living for an entire country through his own patents and ideas.

However, before we continue to praise him, let us not forget that he is still a total moron. You’d think that with all that money and power behind him, he’d be able to perform a bit better in the criminal world, right? With all that said, he is one of the richest superheroes or villain; we are still unsure.

Lex Luthor

lex luthor
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Net Worth: $75 Billion+

Lex Luthor has devised the most complicated and advanced plans of any supervillain. Yes, The Joker’s attacks are brutal and twisted, but Lex isn’t playing checkers, he’s playing chess. To be honest, we don’t know what LexCorp does, but it’s definitely highly effective at it. Sometimes it’s technology, sometimes its real estate; we’d say it has a hand in everything. We can’t even estimate how much it costs to trigger an earthquake in order to destroy California and take control of the entire new west coast.

In terms of riches and intelligence, no other supervillain compares to Lex Luthor. He controls two massive firms, LexCorp and Lexmark, through which he runs his criminal empire. He is a narcissistic egoist. He is a corporate magnate who seeks power and influence. With a net worth of $75 billion, it’s difficult to believe that all of that money came through legitimate ventures.

He’s notorious for having his fingers in a lot of pies, but we’re not sure where his fortune originated from at first. With all that said, he is one of the richest superheroes wait the richest villain as we know of…

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Bruce Wayne aka Batman

bruce wayne, batman,

Net Worth: $80 Billion+

Given how much money he spends on becoming Batman, it’s a miracle Bruce Wayne has any left. From ludicrous devices to personal satellites to the sheer processing power required for the Batcomputer, he’s had to be broke. Seriously, the number of servers and fans he must have had in the Batcave had to cost him something. And it’s not just his tools; each member of the Bat Family has their own. Yes, he is preserving Gotham, but at the cost of his money.

He inherited his family money, and it’s been widely established in every narrative that he’s one of the wealthiest men in town. He’s a millionaire, an orphan, and has no siblings to claim the family money, so he has it all to himself. He is the proprietor of Wayne Enterprises, and we can see that he is free to grow Batman in whatever way he sees fit, with no regard for financial considerations.

As the owner of a multinational firm, he has a vast reach and a plethora of essential contacts. Bruce exudes arrogance, and he comes across as a someone who doesn’t sweat the minor stuff, but why should he when he has a butler who responds to his every need? With all that said, he is one of the richest superheroes as we know of…

Tony Stark aka Iron Man

iron man, tony stark

Net Worth: $100 Billion+

It’s been predicted that being Iron Man would cost between $9 and $10 billion in real life. We don’t believe Tony is bothered, given that he’s worth ten times that and counting. We all know that Stark Industries was the government’s primary weapon maker, but they’ve since expanded into renewable energy and other technological departments.

This might be more profitable than explosives, but Tony doesn’t appear to be the sort to be concerned with numbers, so he probably doesn’t care. He should probably cease damaging buildings because it appears to be a significant expenditure for him.

Despite his hard labour, Stark Industries provides him with a regular flow of wealth, and since he took over the firm from his father, it has grown to become the world’s largest maker of weaponry. It only seems logical that he’s raking in the dough with all of his unique weapon design patents. Stark also finances The Avengers and supplies them with his own buildings, technology, and facilities. With all that said, he is one of the richest superheroes as we know of…

Black Bolt 

black bolt
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Net Worth: $240 Billion+

Blackagar Boltagon, sometimes known as Black Bolt, is a fictional character from Marvel comics. In December 1965, he appears initially in Fantastic Four #45. He is also one of the genetically engineered superhumans. His voice is one of his strengths. His supersonic scream may generate a powerful shockwave capable of demolishing a city. He also has superhuman abilities and can fly. He is one of the richest superheroes. His net wealth is estimated to be $240 billion.

He is worth hundreds of billions of dollars since he controls the rare Terrigen crystals. Not only is he rich because of the crystals, but he also possesses incredibly unusual abilities that allow him to change anybody who bears the inhuman gene into a super species because of the crystals. He also owns the moon, Manhattan Island, the Himalayas, and lords over the Inhumans. With all that said, he is one of the richest superheroes as we know of…

Namor aka Sub-Mariner

Namor, sub mariner
ImageCredit: fandom

Net worth: $260 Billion+

In a world that is 70% water, there is something to be said about the person in charge. Because Namor is Marvel’s answer to Aquaman, he is king of the water, which means he controls all the ocean’s natural riches that companies cannot access. He is also the only one who has access to valuables and missing materials from shipwrecks. Although they aren’t really liquid assets, he’s doing OK. He’d probably be able to retire on anything he discovers in the Bermuda Triangle.

Consider your net worth to comprise sunken riches, oil that only you have access to, and lost undersea cities. What a fantastic idea! Namor’s net value comprises just that, and it’s likely to be given most of the world’s seas remain uncharted. However, he should keep in mind that he is the richest superheroes in Marvel with 100%”liquid assets”! With all that said, he is one of the richest superheroes as we know of…

T’Challa aka Black Panther

tchalla, t challa, black panther
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Net Worth: $90 Trillion+

T’Challa, as King of Wakanda, makes choices for his people and oversees the country’s tremendous resources. The African nation’s near-endless source of Vibranium is one of them. Aside from being the most costly metal on the planet, it also provides much of the country’s modern weaponry and technologies. For years, people have argued about who is wealthier, Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne. T’Challa turns out to be more valuable than the two of them together. Wakanda for life!

T’Challa’s position as king grants him unparalleled influence, powers, and complete control over Wakandian resources. The great majority of his riches are derived from vibranium deposits discovered alone in his dominion. With 10,000 tonnes of Vibranium in Wakandaian deposits, Black Panther’s fortune is estimated to be worth $100 trillion. His total net worth is estimated to be $100.7 trillion. With all that said, he is one of the richest superheroes as we know of… Maybe the richest, but wait.

Arthur Curry aka Aquaman

aquaman, arthur curry
ImageCredit: dccomics

Net Worth: $900 Trillion+

If you know nothing about Aquaman, this may come as a surprise, but being royalty, like Wonder Woman, can never hurt your financial status. As King of Atlantis, the aquatic hero essentially owns 70% of the planet’s surface, as well as most of the waters you’re familiar with. That includes depths humans haven’t yet explored, but we’re perfectly content to remain in the dark about what’s inside. Aquaman is now officially richer than Batman and the wealthiest DC character of all time.

Arthur Curry is the son of lighthouse keeper Thomas Curry and Atlanna, Queen of Atlantis. According to the queen, their son Arthur was crucial in bringing the people of the two realms together. For Arthur’s net worth, much of the untapped oil deposits are found in the seas and oceans. The same may be said for gold and other precious metals. Then, if we compare his Ocean Mastery to Wakandaian Vibranium deposits, we can’t overlook the fact that 20 million tonnes of gold are dissolved in ocean waters. Aquaman’s gold stockpile is worth $1,300 Trillion at current gold rates of $65,000 per KG. With all that said, he is the richest superheroes as we know of…