Another wonderful romantic yank film, Love Hard, is finally here and is being cherished by such a big amount of individuals. This comedy film has been directed by Costa Rican director Hernán Jimenez and written by Danny Mackey and Rebekah Ewing. The plot of the film revolves around a young lady who visits the town of her online crush for Christmas, however detects that she has been cat-fished.

Love Hard has been released digitally on the OTT platform of Netflix. The movie serves best when you are having a desire to observe something like romantic comedy, then this could be one in every of the most effective choices to like. Let’s grasp a bit a lot of concerning Love Hard…


love hard, love hard netflix
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The cast of Love Hard includes-

  • Nina Dobrev as Natalie Bauer
  • Jimmy O. rule as cod Maya Lin
  • Darren Barnet as Tag
  • Matty Finochio as Lee
  • Lames Saito as Bob Maya Lin
  • Harry Shum Junior. as Owen Maya Lin
  • Mikaela Hoover as Chelsea Maya Lin
  • Heather McMahan as Kerry
  • Rebecca Staab as Barb Maya Lin
  • Althea Kaye as Maya Lin


The plot of the movie revolves around an online dating column author, Natalie Bauer, played by Semitic deity Dobrev primarily based in Los Angeles. She falls crazy with a person on an online dating app, named, cod Maya Lin and therefore travels to his geographical area town to surprise him on Christmas. however eventually, she discovers that she has been cat-fished which is played by Jimmy O. rule is actually a nerdy man.

love hard, love hard netflix
ImageCredit: netflix

Her crush, Tag Abbott, played by Darren Barnet really lives within the same city and Jimmy offers her to line them up if she pretends to be his girlfriend for the vacations.


The movie, “Love Hard” is directed by Hernán Jimenez revolves around Natalie, a journalist who chronicles her unlucky dating encounters for a digital publication. Once, she matches together with her dream guy in the geographical area, Tag played by Darren Barnet and decides on a whim to surprise him for the vacations. Things take a flip once Natalie gets to grasp that she has been cat-fished by cod, played by Jimmy O. rule who was Tag’s childhood friend.

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Love Hard explores the pitfalls of online dating and the way that specializes in the physical look will backfire on somebody. The message is bolstered throughout the film, together with a mocking comment describing “Love Actually” as “a flick concerning individuals falling crazy supported however they look”.

The cat-fisher, cod could be a protagonist in this romantic comedy movie. Within the movie, he plays the role of a Chinese yank candle-maker living within the basement of his family. Viewers will simply get a glimpse of his traumas and passions throughout the movie. You’ll be able to get to grasp some very funny one-liners from Jimmy. The competitive dynamic of cod along with his brother really offers a reason for viewers to root for him.

love hard, love hard netflix
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However, the character of Natalie Bauer could be a very little underdeveloped. We tend to get to find out that she has Associate in Nursing unhealthy attachment just right and is stuck during a narrative bolstered by her day job. Cod is that the one who propels her story forward and she or he lands up her own story forward and she or he ends up serving as a prop for his turning into. The movie well presents a feminine character who is engaging, however deprived of substance, the movie subverts its own premise.

The film brings to mind the observation by bell books in her seminal book “All concerning Love”, that whereas ladies are usually practitioners of affection, men get theorized concerning it. This idea gets bolstered within the movie by the Associate in Nursing interaction between Natalie and her boss. Once Natalie asked to require a chance of writing concerning disaster dates and instead she needed to jot down her new story. however, his boss responds, “You have gotten to go away with the intense stuff to real journalists, like Steve.”

The movie offers you the chance to witness some moments of palpable sweetness between cod and Natalie. The performances of the actors within the movie is praise-worthy. The movie can cause you to understand the facet effects of online dating. Love Hard within the Netflix lines of romantic comedy isn’t that dangerous to offer a watch. The movie is capable of offering you romantic comedy yearning. The movie includes a tech-driven narrative, unhappy plotting, and tossed off production.

love hard, love hard netflix
ImageCredit: netflix

Overall, the characters within the movie act out nice, funny and spirited. Love Hard is simply a little illustration of life and serves the diversion purpose well. The adolescents of today’s age will relate up to an excellent extent with the film. This can be an ideal Christmas movie brought by Netflix and you ought to provide it a watch.

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