Maradona: Blessed Dream may be a story drama series, premiered digitally on the OTT platform of Amazon Prime. The picture show is predicated on the life and career of the player, Diego Maradona from the start of his career in Villa Fiorito to achieving glory with urban center, Napoli, and also the Argentine team.

The series was premiered on October twenty ninth this year. The series is being favourite by the audience and has received loads of optimistic reviews. The series is written by Guillermo Salmeron and Silvina Olshansky and is directed by Alejandro Aimetta. If you are a sports geek, then this sports biopic is something that you simply ought to must-watch. Let’s recognize a bit a lot of regarding this nice biopic, Maradona: Blessed Dream.


Maradona: Blessed Dream, Maradona Blessed Dream
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The cast of Maradona: Blessed Dream involves-

  • Juan horse as Diego Maradona
  • Nazareno Casero as young Diego Maradona
  • Nicolas Goldschmidt as kid Diego Maradona
  • Julieta Cardinali as Claudia Villafane
  • Laura Esquivel as young Claudia Villafane
  • Rita Cortese as older Dalma Salvadora Franco “Dona Tota” (older)
  • Mercedes Moran as Dalma Salvadora Franco “Dona Tota”
  • Claudio Rissi as father of Diego Maradona, Don Diego (older)
  • Pepe Monje as father of Diego Maradona, Don Diego (young)
  • Jean state capital Noher as Guillermo filmmaker (older)
  • Peter Lanzani as Jorge Cyterszpiler
  • Nicolas Furtado as Daniel Passarella
  • Marcelo Mazzarello as Ilich Ramirez Sanchez Bilardo
  • Dario Grandinetti as Cesar composer
  • Esteban Recango as Jorge Carrascosa
  • Gerardo Romano as Ilich Ramirez Sanchez Ferro Viera
  • Gabriel Schultz as Yayo Trotta
  • Fernan Miras as Francis Cornejo
  • Mauricio Dayub as Roque Villafane
  • Eva First State Dominici as Lucia mountain peak
  • Natalia metric capacity unit Molin as Maria genus Rosa “Mary Maradona”
  • Federico D’Elia as Fernando Signorini
  • Giovanni Esposito as Corrado Ferlaino
  • Aaron Balderi as manual laborer
  • Romina Ricci
  • Stefania Roitman
  • Mario Guerci as Jorge Taiana
  • Martin Piroyansky
  • Maximiliano Ghione
  • Osqui Guzman
  • Diego dancer
  • Daniel architect Quinteros as Capataz



Maradona: Blessed Dream, Maradona Blessed Dream
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The series, Maradona: Blessed Dream follows the controversial  biography of legendary athlete Diego Armando Maradona. The story revolves around a boy from Argentina with a dream of achieving greatness. He makes his mark within the international league and earns himself a well-deserved place within the history of sports. whereas living a life strewn with medicine, sex, and public scrutiny, he plays his game on his rules and doesn’t care regarding the results. The series depicts the story of such a person who took the soccer world by storm and created his means into the hearts of millions.


Maradona: Blessed Dream, Maradona Blessed Dream
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The series, Maradona: Blessed Dream is predicated on one in all the foremost well-documented footballers UN agency have graced the athletic field together with his presence and game. There square measure many books and documentaries that have place the lifetime of Maradona below the magnifier from the highs of his 1986 World Cup and his time in Napoli to the lows of his medicine abuse and health problems. And this series is an extra conceive to showcase his life’s sub-rosa and his whole journey of life. However somewhere the series fails to stay its audience that engaged because it has sure missteps in however the show is made.

The series is split into 5 elements that specialize in the many clubs of that Maradona has been a section, throughout his career. The gap scenes of the series provide a singular perspective into the growing lifetime of Maradona during an impoverished city. The socio-economic crisis of Argentina at that point has been unreal within the series and it’s been dead delineate within the series however this tangled with initial lifetime of Maradona and his first shot at turning skilled.

The deliberate effort by the creators to focus on the political turmoil that had taken place in Argentina at that time seems to connect well with the audience. The series doesn’t draw back from admitting the actual fact that it had been sympathetic towards soldier and Peronism that isn’t stunning to think about the military regime. The political facet of the series is informative to associate extent however it fails to mix with the narrative. The stress on the political allegiance of Maradona is well portrayed, however it lacks a coherent script. However, the series manages to stay the vices and also depicts the sensible Maradona has done each on and off the sphere.

Maradona: Blessed Dream, Maradona Blessed Dream
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The series conjointly reflects the relationships of Maradona together with his oldsters, siblings, friends, daughters, and his ex-wife Claudia alternative and several other girls in his life. If you’re a soccer fan then you may undoubtedly get pleasure from the series.