Mahi (Mahesh Babu) may be a usurer United Nations agency that can head to any length to urge his refund. Kalavathy (Keerthy Suresh), a feminine with various vices, steals an outsized amount (from him) and flees to the Republic of India. However, did Mahesh get the loan back from Kalavathy? What is her relationship to his past in Sarkaru Vaari Paata ?

sarkaru vaari paata
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The plot of the film however narrative ends with Rajendranath (Samudrakani) changing into an important issue. Performances In response to audience demand, Mahesh Babu gave his most up-to-date film, Sarileru Neekevvaru, associate exciting makeover. In Sarkaru Vaari Paata, he goes a step farther and alters his look (clothes and hairstyle). therefore we have a tendency to get a new-look, polished Mahesh Babu with the classic intensity we’ve come back to expect from him.

In Sarkaru Vaari Paata, all the probable reasons attractive Mahesh Babu devotees are uninvestigated.

Sadly, the issue is that the content doesn’t give him with something. It improves the general effort however doesn’t build it significantly unforgettable or powerful. He gave the impression to be straining to take care of his vigor every now and then. He often transforms into his older self, recalling previous actions. there is nothing really wrong with it; the comic temporal arrangement and every one area unit gift, however, it isn’t significantly unforgettable.

sarkaru vaari paata

Keerthy Suresh restitution her best options when a short ‘slimming’ hiatus. Her appearance is smart, and her pairing with Mahesh baboo may be a sight to see. Sadly, she is restricted to a principally interesting role that stands out sort of a sore thumb during a few extraordinary moments. It’s even additional therefore as a result the bulk of the primary 0.5 is predicated on her chemistry and fun. 


Sarkaru Vaari Paata is directed by Parasuram of Solo and Geetha Govindam fame. It’s his 1st time operating with a distinguished name. There’s a great deal of pressure on him to be associated with someone. However, he fails to maximize the nice chance. The film begins with childhood expertise, foreshadowing a conventional plot. We have a tendency to get specifically that and with a poor tale. In reality, till the pre-interval mark, there is terribly nothing within the half that’s relevant to the first story.

sarkaru vaari paata
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The first 0.5 is crammed with typical industrial recreation combining fun and romance between the lead pair, Mahesh Babu and Keerthy Suresh. Everything would be OK if the track had some ‘freshness.’ Even once one thing works, there’s a ‘been-there’ atmosphere concerning it. This sense of a reminder and routine ne’er permits the narrative to soar, deed one with a bland and commonplace impression.

We have a tendency to solely get to the story after we move past the recreation. It happens close to the suspension break and provides hope for the half. Sadly, Sarkaru Vaari Paata’s main issue emerges within the half. the matter is Parasuram’s lack of confidence and clarity concerning the elemental substance.

sarkaru vaari paata
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Parasuram has one eye on recreation and also the difference on conveyance a message; at constant time, he needs some action; and every one of this whereas conveyance out vintage Mahesh Babu for fans. The mixture of those components ends up in a story that goes obscurity. 

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The major fault is the scripting and rush approach to the central ‘financial’ plotline. From the beginning, the EMI plot appears unconvincing. There that we have a tendency to believe Parasuram is out of his depth.

sarkaru vaari paata Maheshbabu
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Sarkaru Vaari Paata is additional hurt by his failure in his strengths, specifically recreation. It demonstrates that he’s additional comfy with family dramas and comedic entertainers than with serious mass-market films. There’s now not any curiosity by the time one reaches the tip.

Even the mass song contend for the spectators elicits no response. It represents Sarkaru Vaari Paata’s exhausting trip. Sarkaru Vaari Paata may be a conventional industrial someone with a recent setting. However, the film is bland and monotonous thanks to weak writing and a scarcity of clarity in storytelling.

Other Actors’ Performances 

Aside from the principal performers, the remainder have minor roles. Vennela Kishore receives not one noteworthy word or scene with Mahesh Babu. Samudrakani is okay, however, he feels as if he walked out of Ala Vaikunthapurramulo’s set. Subbaraju et al. area unit lost, whereas Nadiya contains a transient look.

sarkaru vaari paata
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What concerning music and different departments? 

S Thaman’s songs are unit upbeat and pleasant. They’ve conjointly been photographed well.

However, he falls short on the key background score. It can be his weakest performance in recent years. The filming is sweet. In parts, R Madhi’s frames provide the film an imposing side.

Marthand K Venkatesh’s writing ought to be higher. In the conclusion, the film feels quite long and irksome. The visual effects area unit is quite unhealthy for a significant. That’s very true in action situations. Parasuram’s passion is writing, however, he fails miserably in Sarkaru Vaari Paata. There is a unit some cringe-worthy things that would are avoided.


In the half of the plot, Mahesh Babu’s recreation 

Problems with the Concept? 

The routine story becomes instructive within the half, which feels quite long.