A 1973 Swedish television miniseries directed and written by Ingmar Bergman; Scenes of the Marriage is a six-hour-long episodic series is now has come with a remake of it. The series Scenes from a marriage, as the name suggests, deals with the disintegration of the marriage of two characters. The remake of the series is written and directed by Hagai Levi and is produced for HBO and Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain are starring in the same.

The 1973 Scenes of Marriage was a Swedish miniseries with the same name and the remake is American miniseries. The remake series was presented at the Venice Film Festival this year and is premiered on September 12th, 2021. The miniseries involve five episodes and keep the audience engaged for all six episodes without giving them a sense of bore. The series involves the issue of divorce and a love story, too. Let’s know in detail about this amazing series.


scenes from a marriage cast
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The main cast of this miniseries, Scenes from a Marriage involves-

  • Oscar Isaac as Jonathan Levy
  • Jessica Chastain as Mira Phillips
  • Nicole Beharie as Kate
  • Corey Stoll as Kate
  • Sunira Mani as Danielle
  • Sophia Kopera as Ava Levy
  • Michael Aloni as Poli
  • Anna Rust as Veronica
  • Corey Stoll as Peter
  • Shirley Rumierk as Dr. Varona

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The series is largely set in a house and revolves around a couple who have been living there with their five-year daughter, Ava played by Sophia Kopera. Mira, played by Jessica, in the series, is seen as an ambitious and successful careerist at the tech behemoth Verizon and Jonathan, played by Isaac, is seen as a professor of philosophy, a former orthodox Jew, and primary homemaker of his family.

scenes from a marriage
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The series doesn’t seem to have an agenda of denouement. The series has the involvement of so many emotions that makes viewers a little confused that when one emotion sets in and when one emotion paves the way for another one to set in. The miniseries pull us straight into the pit where pain, guilt, tenderness, jealousy, and bafflement are playing out. The acting and efforts of both the lead actors are worth praising and are simply excellent. Their hard work and rehearsals really have done justice to the way they performed their parts in a flow.

The series is an intimate one and just as a cherry on the top it starts two very good friends Oscar and Chastain, which adds to their chemistry in the series. And it becomes very obvious from the beginning that both of them cannot completely break away from each other because they have some spark in their relationship. They face wrath with each other’s wrath in a moment and see the doting and sexual passion in the next moment. This is how they live their lives, no matter with whom they hook up with even after their legal separation.

scenes from a marriage
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It is a little difficult for the couples to sit together and watch the painful spot-lit journey of the couple, Mira and Jonathan. It will not take so long for the viewers to get involved in the series wholeheartedly because the acting of both the actors is so damn impressive. Levy’s imagination of making a series where a woman leaves the marriage and her child for the sake of newness and passion makes it a little more interesting.

The miniseries portray the pitfalls of marriage and standards of fidelity and love in long-term relationships. It is one of those series that pours out and portrays the true and real emotions of a relationship. The whole series, the scenes from marriage, are totally based on the emotional truth. We can easily connect emotionally with Mira and Jonathan as if they are nothing but just our closest friends, such as the ambivalence and neutrality of this series, and nobody could deny that. The series gives a kind of satisfaction while watching it.


scenes from a marriage
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  • Episode 1- The very first episode of the series out of five, of Scenes from a marriage, deals with the navigation of Jonathan and Mira of the consequences of unexpected news, after a tense day of disclosure and reflection.
  • Episode 2- Episode 2 of the Scenes from a marriage deals with the returning of Mira from a business trip with a crushing revelation. Now she and Jonathan struggle to process the complicated aftershock.
  • The Vale of Tears- Episode 3 or the Vale of tears deals with the sharing of thoughts that Jonathan and Mira learned since separation. Also, the rekindling of some older connections at the risk of exacerbating dormant wounds.
  • The Illiterates- The fourth episode deals with the exploration and reconvening of Mira and Jonathan, the root of their connection, however, ultimately leading to the finding of a source of their animalistic impulses.
  • Episode 5- The episode revolves around a little older Mira and Jonathan re-evaluating and reflecting on their intricate love story.