Art is anything that comes from within. There are no certain boundaries of art, and there is no defined way of portraying your art. Doodling is one such form of art that involves a unique form of drawings. Technically speaking, doodles are artwork made from repeated patterns of familiar designs. The great thing about doodles is the uncertainty. Every artist has a different set of imaginations, and drawing them on the sheets or boards makes the art look alive.

This is why doodling is one such form of art that is open to everyone irrespective of expertise. 

Doodling is a very unorthodox form of art, and it has several benefits. It improves focusing power, short-term memory and is also a proven stress buster. Converting your thought into interesting patterns on blank paper is one of the best ways to spend your free time. It is one of those qualities that add value to your overall personality. Expertise in additional skills makes you look sharper and classy.

There is no syllabus-driven course to learn to doodle. You just have to be creative enough to do something that is more than mere sketching. 

Here are some of the most unique styles of doodling:

Zen doodling: 

zen doodles

The properties of Zendoodling comprise focus, design, repetitive tangle patterns, and bold borders. Apart from this, there are no restrictions about Zendoodling. It can be drawn on any paper and can be colorful or colorless. You can follow the top to down approach while working on zen doodling. Outline first and fill it with different patterns that appear to be tangled. A node is filled with the same repeating patterns. The entire design can comprise multiple nodes, with each node filled with different design patterns. 

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Zentangle is one of the most basic and primary doodling styles. The style is effortless to learn, and you can use it to create attractive images with the help of structured patterns. The artist may or may not be certain about the result, but there has to be an intent behind every stroke. Zentangle and doodling at large are all about flaunting your mistakes and converting them into a raw art form. This is why you can’t use an eraser in this style of doodling. The approach could be either bottom to up or up to bottom. The style is very popular among Japanese artists.



Zentangle is one such style that can be learned easily by beginners and even kids. But Stendooling is entirely different. This style of doodling involves the use of stencils. A stencil is used to create a shape. The next step involves using another stencil to create shapes within the shape you created from the first stencil. It could be something like books on a shelf or sun rays from the sun. A third stencil is used to create patterns within the sections that you use to divide the larger shape. The design can be further extended using some more stencils. This style has been created by Brazilian artist Michael Trent.



‘Mandala’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘circle.’ Mandalas are a certain kind of circle in customary practices in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Native Americans). Traditionally, they were used as a meditation tool, and the primary benefit of the technique was improved focus. Even now, the technique is used to promote mindfulness and relaxation. It offers calmness to the mind and the soul. Unlike other styles, there is a definite aim and motive behind the style. It is believed that the shapes or designs you draw on the paper reflect your inner self. It is a very fulfilling style and is only complete when the artist feels so from inside. It might look ordinary but demands complete focus. Every color has a certain meaning in this style. 



Spiritual focus


love, intuition, and the feminine


creativity, transformation, self-awareness, and intuition


learning, wisdom, laughter, and happiness


physical healing, psychic ability, love of nature, and caring


emotional healing, inner peace, and meditation


all things spiritual


strength, high energy, and passion


love, intuition, and the feminine