What makes Black Clover so irresistible, that there is nothing worse than the same old recipe, is its capacity to keep its audiences on their toes.

Black Clover has a lot to enjoy in it. There are interesting characters in the famous anime, frightening villains, and exciting fights with the juices going. The program is fantastic at offering what they want to audiences. This creates encounters with famous characters, gives the followers the battles they expect to see, and allows the already cool heroes much better.

But Black Clover is doing something every now, and then that takes the viewers by surprise, adding a new dimension to Black Clover.

Its ability to keep its audiences on their toes makes the iconic anime so addictive, and there is nothing worse than the same old formula. But with so many Black Clover Plot Twists, which was the best?

The real Grey is really a girl, a normal-looking girl who struggles from grappling with social anxiety.

The real grey

Grey was a mystery to viewers for the majority of the season. It seems like she was a chain-smoking giant whose past and talents remain a mystery. With most of the Black Bulls, Grey barely spoke, and any contact came in the form of a grunt.

Grey will be nothing more than a bit character rarely used for comedic relief, all of the facts implied. To everyone’s delight, though, Grey discloses her proper form during the fight at the Underwater Shrine.

Introducing Mereoleone has grown into a significant character since her introduction.


The guild wanted someone to step in and lead the team after the loss of Crimson Lions Captain Fuegoleon Vermillion. Hey, so who? Logically, audiences may have believed the Fuegoleon’s younger brother, Leopold. Nevertheless, although brilliant, Leo was young and lacked the experience needed of a Magic Knights Captain.

Mereoleone, join. Fuegoleon’s elder sister, the fans were taken by surprise that they had another daughter. Moreover, Mereoleone showed incredible strength, far greater than that of her brother.

Asta Obtains His Grimoire — It Offered Him Access To The Legendary Demon-Slayer Sword

Black Asta, Black Clover

While not having a single ounce of magic, during the Grimoire Admission Ceremony, Asta waited ambitiously for his Grimoire. However, nothing showed, and he left, particularly after seeing his childhood rival Yuno obtain the fabled four-leaf Grimoire, saddened.

But Yuno was approached minutes after the service by a former magic knight threatening to steal his Grimoire. Asta entered the battle. A five-leaf grimoire emerged before Asta just as his life was about to be stolen, giving him access to a mythical demon-slayer sword.


Nero Is Human, The Old Bird Was A Companion of the First Wizard King

Yeah, this was astonishing. Nero was, to fans, the moody but lovely bird that followed Asta everywhere. Very more was ever expected of Nero, mostly used as comedy relief. However, any small clues were lost throughout, with Nero finding the magic stones the Eye Of The Midnight Sun required.

Yet Nero tends to revert back to his human shape after the war with the elves. The former bird turns out to have been a companion of the first Wizard King. She used forbidden spells to save Magic Emperor, now as punishment, she is turned into a bird.

Looking at the promo, we all thought Asta will sell his soul to a Devil or something, but this something on a whole different level.

After running into a trap, Fuegoleon is beaten, returning to the Battlefield Unconscious & Without an Arm.

Fuegoleon was commonly known to be one of the best characters in Black Clover as a royal and a Magic Knights Captain. During an awards banquet for magic knights, viewers are first introduced to the Captain. He gets into an argument with fellow Captain Nozel, and both unleash mana that scares everyone in the room.

Fuegoleon is highly capable, gathering all available knights efficiently to combat the Eye Of The Midnight Sun successfully. Smart and robust, the Captain was unbeatable in appearance. However, Fuegoleon returns to the battlefield unconscious and without an arm after slipping into a pit. From that point on, the spectators realized that the enemy was a severe threat to the Empire.

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Not all believed the elves’ reincarnation to be that of the magic knights of their true forms.

Fans became aware the Eye Of The Midnight Sun was preparing to bring the elves’ spirits back to their true forms. Not all, however, expected that the Mystical Knights will have their true forms. The elves are revived into the bodies of many Fairy knights after performing the banned reincarnation spell.

In comparison, after the attack of the hideout of the Midnight Sun, something occurred. Fans have seen familiar characters turn against their comrades, including Klaus and Luck. Viewers have witnessed fights taking place that just minutes ago were incomprehensible.

William & Patolli Share The Very same Body William was still a little dubious in honesty to start with

William Vangance Black Clover

When Yami struggled against Elf Patolli, he sensed that Ki was close to William. Additionally, when the elves invaded, the Captain of the Golden Dawn was nowhere there.

However, fans were thrown away by the fact that Patolli and William had different magic, and the skin of William was severely scarred because of a spell placed on him at a young age. But as William confronted Wizard King Julius, all was revealed, explaining that he and Patolli shared the same body. He was sad that he did not choose who to save.

Is Julius Alive… His Grimoire is now made from just a single page as a boy, but Julius still retains King’s title.

Julius endured a valiant death during his war with Patolli, saving the kingdom and its inhabitants from inevitable devastation. Or so believed the fans. Julius, however, being just the magic nerd he is, merged his magic of time with an ancient magical artifact, storing time he had stolen in case he wanted to use it.

The Black Clover viewers had said their farewells to the famous mage, but it was all for nothing. As a 13-year-old boy, The Wizard King emerged but maintained his loveable character.


Fuegoleon emerges with Salamander, the light work of those who rejected him rendered by Fuegoleon.

Fuegoleon, Black Clover

Fuegoleon went into a coma after the attack by The Eye Of The Midnight Sun and did not appear to be waking up anytime soon. Some elves, capitalizing on his absence, attacked the Crimson Lions King’s base, taking the Knights to the verge of defeat.

Just when it appeared like all hope was lost, Fuegoloen emerged, looking different from before. Fuegoleon now has an arm made of fire and is supported by a Salamander fire spirit. Fuegoleon, lacking the power to overpower a high-ranking elf, did light work of those hostile to him.

Patolli claimed he was carrying out the dreams of Licht by taking the humans to their knees.

Litch from Black Clover

There was no justification for viewers of the Black Clover to believe that Licht was not really Licht. An elf who possessed immense mana, competing on even terms with Magic Knights Captain Yami Sukehiro and beating Wizard King Julius Novachrono, was the villain and master of Eye Of The Midnight Sun.

He also looked like Licht, prompting all fans to acknowledge that this elf was indeed the elves’ former King. However, the villain discovers that he is, in fact, an elf called Patolli after triggering the reincarnation spell. Patolli, a former follower and devotee of Licht, felt that he was carrying out Licht’s wishes by taking the people to their knees.

The latest Spoiler:

The Introduction of the Dark Triad

The Dark Triad

The Dark Triad, Spade Kingdom tyrants who also dwell a Devil inside them, and these Devils are stronger than that of Asta’s. What will happen now to everyone?

How will the Clover Kingdom win their battle against them?

Yuno is the prince of the Spade Kingdom

Yuno, a commoner with immense mana, who is at par with that of the royals, is revealed. His history is made clear and he is someone we all thought he would be, a Prince. We thought he would be a prince of the forgotten clan of Clover kingdom, but he is somewhat a foreigner.

Introduction of The Vice-Captain of Black Bulls!

No, It is not Finral-Sama, It is someone we could never imagine, and his power is one whole other level than that of even Yami, or Asta. He might alone stand a chance against the whole Black Bulls.

Black Clover is an ongoing Anime and Manga Series, and we might have more to come, for the Fans. Black Clover, has proven itself as one of the best series with a common plot. It surely keeps us surprised. Asta can fly now, but surely Black Clover is something different from any conventional anime. Maybe even the term Black Clover has a deeper meaning in the series. It could be a strong weapon or a power that Asta or Yuno will dwell in the future. Or Black Clover could be a curse!

Stay Tuned for more of Black Clover!

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