There’s nothing like a decent old-fashioned vow renewal to bring tears to one’s eyes.

They spent most of the hour figuring out how to stop August Heart and his army of Godspeed clones from destroying Central City. The Flash, on the other hand, reserved its greatest material for the last scene.

“Heart of the Matter, Part 2” was The Flash Season 7’s conclusion, although it felt more like the last 5 episodes of a season compressed into one hour. It was difficult to follow at times, and its sole redeeming grace was Barry and Iris’s love for one another.

The danger of Godspeed had been growing in the backdrop of this program for a few seasons now, and it was now time for Barry to face the evil speedster.

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Unfortunately, the payoff was underwhelming.

Because the show took much too long to establish the Godspeed War, the final few episodes and the ending felt hurried and forced.

A tale with this much depth has the potential to be epic and mind-blowing. Instead, it fell flat and didn’t have much of an impact. Even Nora’s homecoming and the appearance of Bart couldn’t salvage the narrative.

The sibling combo, on the other hand, was by far one of the season’s highlights. And they only appeared in two episodes!

There was no question in Barry’s mind that he and his newly created band of speedsters would beat August Heart. But we didn’t expect Eobard Thawne to join them in the fight.

Of course, when Thawne returns, it’s usually thrilling at first. That is until we recall how much this program relies on the big villain to salvage the plot.

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We like Tom Cavanagh and his depiction of Reverse Flash, but his appearance didn’t make sense. It appears to be setting up the Flash Season 8, although the facts of how he returned remain hazy.

A story twist should be unexpected but yet make logical. Part of the uncertainty stems from the fact that this episode was hurried and filled with too much action. There was little time for explanation.

By utilizing Iris as an anchor, the Speed Force tap into the Negative Speed Force and bring Thawne back to life. Okay, we can live with that. But why would Barry and Iris take the risk of resurrecting Thawne?

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It’s safe to assume Thawne is just as hazardous as Godspeed. He may possibly pose a greater threat than Heart. So, what was their answer to putting a halt to Godspeed?

They didn’t want to murder Heart, but how could they know Thawne wouldn’t?

There are simply too many unanswered questions regarding the reasoning behind this story selection. Obviously, they wanted to revive Reverse Flash to tease the upcoming season. Still, it’s difficult not to criticize how it was handled.

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We were ecstatic when Thawne arrived. Confusion, on the other hand, swiftly ensued. Let’s hope that The Flash Season 8’s overall plot, which will almost certainly feature Barry’s arch-nemesis, is further explored.

For a long time, Godspeed has been a much-anticipated villain among fans. Karan Oberoi was the ideal fit for him, and he portrayed him brilliantly. Unfortunately, we only got to see the real him for an hour before Barry and Thawne beat him.

The build-up to this last battle was non-existent, and while we know Godspeed is a genuine threat to the Flash, it didn’t seem like it.

We needed additional knowledge about him that hadn’t been shown to us seasons before. And we wanted to know how he became this power-hungry speedster.

Overall, the Godspeed tale was a letdown. We weren’t really involved in it, which is a pity considering its promise.

As already said, the Barry and Iris vow renewal made the Godspeed War’s disappointing conclusion worthwhile.

Barry and Iris’ love for one another is at the core of The Flash. They aren’t only each other’s lightning rods; they also have a role in the performance. Seeing them finally have the wedding ceremony they deserve was heartwarming.

Needless to say, their vows to one another were beautiful and moved us to tears. But, just as they were about to be uttered, Jordan Fisher sang like an angel, and all of our hearts were filled with joy.

We retain the right to be corny in our evaluations since The Flash is a cheesy show, okay?

XS and Impulse

There is no greater way to finish the season than with Barry and Iris professing their love for one another in front of their loved ones and their offspring from the future. It pricked all of the heartstrings.

Who else could inject exactly the appropriate amount of fun into the situation without detracting from its poignancy? And Cisco was the ideal option for the role of officiant. It’s a shame he won’t be returning to the show next season.

When all of these characters are together and just conversing or sharing memories, The Flash is at its best. They all have a natural connection, and it’s always so powerful when they share the screen.

Hopefully, more situations like Barry and Iris’ vow renewal will appear in the future. Maybe another couple will be walking down the aisle soon? Joe and Cecile, we’re looking at you.

Were you surprised by Thawne’s reveal? Do you believe the program done the Godspeed narrative a disservice? Do you think you’ll see Nora and Bart again?

Was the last moment enough to rescue the entire episode? And how much did you care when it was revealed that Kristen Kramer was a meta all along?

The Flash Season 7 ended, but it left many loose ends, and next, we will unfold them…

Season 7 of The Flash finished with a dramatic climax that completed the Godspeed Civil War while also establishing a nemesis for season 8.

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The conclusion of The Flash season 7 concluded the current narrative of the Arrowverse program while setting up the next season. Following the historic 150th episode of The Flash, “Heart of the Matter, Part 1,” the season 7 finale concluded the Godspeed Civil War plot, bringing numerous famous names. While the episode delivered a satisfactory conclusion to the season’s primary storylines, it also included a startling revelation that left many fans wondering what season 8 has in store.

The Godspeed War Is Over In The Flash Season 7

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Following the cliffhanger from the 150th episode, The Flash season 7 finale revealed August Heart’s actual motivations for biological speed. The only way to prevent the Godspeed clones from terrorizing Central City was for Barry to give August what he wanted. After the Flash Family attempted to stop the clones, Barry ended up giving August what he desired. Still, Godspeed broke his word in typical evil form. While August was utilizing organic speed, Barry and Iris devised a plan B to halt the insane speedster: use the Negative Speed Force.

While Barry and Godspeed were fighting, Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse-Flash, reappeared. Unlike in previous meetings, The Flash and Reverse-Flash had to put their differences aside to battle Godspeed as a team. Godspeed developed a lightsaber-like weapon out of Speed Force energy and finally stabbed Godspeed, who survived but was imprisoned at Iron Heights, ending the Civil War. 

The Reverse-Flash Could Return in Season 8 of The Flash

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The Flash season 6 was supposed to finish with a huge Reverse-Flash cliffhanger before the epidemic caused them to cancel the next three episodes. Despite the extended delay, The Flash season 7 did bring back Reverse-Flash with Harrison Wells’ face. While Barry defeated Eobard, The Flash appears to have left the door open for Reverse-Flash to return as a significant adversary. Despite their collaboration to destroy Godspeed, the conflict between Reverse-Flash and The Flash will never be resolved.

Even though no major villains have been officially confirmed for The Flash season 8, Reverse-Flash might be one of the primary adversaries given the finale set.

So far, The CW has not said if Season 8 of The Flash will be the final season of the Arrowverse drama. Many people believe that The Flash’s demise is close because Arrow ended after eight seasons. However, suppose The Flash season 8 is their final one. In that case, it makes sense for Reverse-Flash to return as one of the series’ final adversaries. Since the beginning of the program, they have made it obvious that Eobard would always play an important role in Barry’s life as his ultimate adversary.

Aside from their famous rivalry, The Flash season 8 must explain how Eobard was able to return. Aside from saying that the Speed Force was linked to the Negative Speed Force, they didn’t detail how it operated.

Even if The Flash season 9 doesn’t materialize, there’s no reason Reverse-Flash can’t return in some way next year. On the other hand, the authors have resurrected Eobard, so they may utilize Reverse-Flash anytime they choose in the future. Finally, the season 7 finale of The Flash provided a strong climax to the Godspeed battle while simultaneously honoring the Arrowverse drama’s history, present, and future.

Season 8 premiere date for The Flash

The Flash season 7 began in the middle of the season in 2021, after a year of scheduling changes and delays. However, the superhero series will return in the autumn this year, with season 8 premiering on The CW on Tuesday, November 16 at 8:00 p.m. ET. The season will begin with a five-episode crossover special. It won’t be as massive as Crisis on Infinite Earths. Still, fans can expect to see different Arrowverse superheroes emerge in each of The Flash’s individual episodes.