The Green Knight, a 2021 film, is a perfect movie to serve the cravings for fantasy geeks. This fantastic movie has been directed and edited, written, and produced by David Lowery. The movie is an adaptation of a poem from the 14th century, Sir Gawain and The Green Knight. Movie got released digitally on the OTT platform of Amazon Prime on September 24th this year.

The movie is impressing a lot of its viewers, especially the fantasy geeks. The movie has 88% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 260 reviews with an average rating of 8/10. So, let’s dive a little deep to know a little more about this amazing movie, The Green Knight.

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The main cast of The Green Knight includes-

  • Dev Patel as Sir Gawain
  • Alicia Vikander as Essel and the Lady
  • Sarita Choudhury as Morgan le Fay
  • Joel Edgerton as the Lord
  • Ralph Ineson as the Green Knight
  • Sean Harris as King Arthur
  • Erin Kellyman as Winifred
  • Barry Keoghan as the Scavenger
  • Kate Dickle as Queen Guinevere
  • Nita Mishra as Older Sister
  • Atheena Frizzell as Youngest Sister
  • Tara McDonagh as middle sister
  • Helena Browne was the Sightless Woman
  • Emmet O’Brien as Magician
  • Megan Tiernan as Gawain’s young Queen


Gawain is awakened upon a Christmas morning in a brothel by his love, who is a common woman named Essel. He then returns to Camelot and follows a scolding by his mother, Morgan le Fay, who attends a feast at the Round Table with his uncle King Arthur, and his uncle invites him to his side.

In a tower, a magic ritual is performed by le Fay which summons the mysterious Green Knight, who barges into the court of Arthur and states that any Knight able to land a blow on him will win his green ax but has to reach the Green Chapel on the coming Christmas and receive an equal blow in return. This challenge is accepted by Gawain. Then the Knight yields and Gawain- wielding Excalibur- decapitates him. Now the Knight rises and lifts his severed head and reminds Gawain of the leaves and bargain.

the green knight, dev patel
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Gawain spends the entire year reveling before Arthur reminds him to uphold his end of the challenge. Gawain leaves for the Green Chapel on a horseback carrying a green ax and green griddle made by his mother, who claims that no harm will come to him so long as he wears it. In the journey, Gawain meets a boy scavenging the battlefield littered with dead warriors. Gawain was directed to the stream by that boy that will lead to the Green Chapel. After a short while, the boy and two other persons ambush Gawain and steal his griddle, ax, and horse and leave him tied up.

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However, Gawain severs his bonds and pursues them. By the night, Gawain arrives at an abandoned cottage and falls asleep. A young ghost, Winifred wakes him up and asks her to retrieve her head from the nearby spring. And Gawain reunites the skull with the remains of her skeletal. The very next morning, Gawain found finds his ax returned to him.

Gawain now befriends a fox, and that fox accompanies him on his journey. Gawain finally reaches a castle that is inhabited by a Lord who gives Gawain the information about the Green Chapel that is nearby. The lady of that Lord resembles Essel and tries to seduce Gawain. The lord of the castle proposes Gawain exchange anything he gets in the hunting with what he likes in the castle. Gawain agrees to her advances in the exchange for it. Gawain then flees and gets encountered by the Lord in the forest.

the green knight, dev patel
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The Lord kisses Gawain in return for his lady’s actions, but Gawain refuses to give him the griddle. Then the lord claims he has arrested his companion fox, but releases it. Then Gawain proceeds to the stream where he finds a boat waiting for him. The fox speaks, imploring Gawain to abandon this quest. Then Gawain takes that boat to the chapel and there the Knight was seated in hibernation. Then Gawain waits there for a night and the Knight wakes up on the morning of Christmas.

As the Knight swings the ax, Gawain experiences a vision that he flees back to Camelot and becomes king after the passing of Arthur. Essel is bearing his son and, but Gawain abandons her, taking the child and marries a noblewoman instead. The son of his comes of age and dies in the battle. Years Later, Gawain becomes a reviled king. His castle gets seized and his family is abandoning him. He then removes the griddle and his head falls from his shoulders.

the green knight, dev patel
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Now Gawain comes out of that vision, but he is still kneeling down on the ground in the Green Chapel. He removes the griddle and tells the Knight that he is ready to die. Hearing this Knight praises Gawain for his bravery. Now at last Knight drags his finger across Gawain’s throat and says, “Now, off with your head.”