Loki episode 2 introduces Lady Loki to the MCU and concludes with her successfully establishing the Multiverse of Madness before Doctor Strange 2.

Loki episode 2 has just established the Multiverse of Madness, clearing the stage for Doctor Strange 2. In Avengers: Endgame, the MCU accepted the notion of time travel, but the film wasn’t quite clear about its model of temporal mechanics – in fact, even the writers and directors differed on how time travel functioned in the MCU. Amusingly, Loki – a Disney+ TV series starring Marvel’s most erratic character – has been tasked with explaining how time works in the MCU and establishing the Multiverse of Madness ahead of Doctor Strange 2.

It has done so by establishing the Time Variance Authority, an institution devoted to enforcing the “Sacred Timeline.” According to the TVA, the chronology is inherently chaotic, with numerous instances – dubbed “nexus events” – capable of spawning entirely new branches of reality. This resulted in the formation of the first Multiverse. Still, as some of the timelines became aware of one another, a Multiversal conflict ensued. When the interdimensional battle was done, three strong beings known as the Time-Keepers appeared and sought to bring the turmoil to an end.

They ensure that there is only one timeline by utilizing the TVA to eliminate branches and prevent the formation of a new Multiverse.

The Time-Keepers and the TVA were always doomed to fail because Marvel is working on new Multiversal tales. Marvel’s What If…? will investigate possible histories that the TVA believes should not exist, featuring stories in which Peggy Carter becomes a super-soldier, T’Challa is sent to the stars as a kid instead of Peter Quill. The Winter Soldier battles a zombie, Captain America.

Furthermore, the sequel to Doctor Strange is officially titled Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which pretty much seals the deal. But Loki is moving faster than anybody could have predicted, with the Multiverse of Madness being constructed by the conclusion of episode 2 – by a Loki variation, no less.

Lady Loki, the Loki Variant, has revealed herself.

lady loki

A time-traveling Loki has been causing big issues for the TVA, setting up small nexus events to ambush their field agents and steal the reset charges they use to erase timeline branches.

This version left a hint in France in 1549, an anachronistic piece of “Kablooey” bubblegum that eventually led the TVA to her hiding spot in Haven Hills, Alabama, in 2050, at a Roxxcart plant. She correctly understood she could hide from the TVA in an area destroyed since none of her activities would produce a branch in the chronology. But, of fact, the bubblegum was a trap, a method of luring the TVA and its Loki in.

The wicked Loki variation liked tormenting the TVA’s Loki before revealing herself – Lady Loki, played by Sophia Di Martino. Lady Loki was formed in the comics as part of the Ragnarok cycle, with the trickster god’s soul taking the body intended to be reborn as Sif, although previews for Loki have hinted the MCU’s Lady Loki has a simpler origin; Loki has been proven to be gender-fluid in the MCU.

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Lady Loki’s Strategy Explained

lady loki

Lady Loki had acquired at least a dozen or more reset charges. Still, the TVA had severely underestimated this vicious Loki variation. She’d set portals to transfer them around the history when she was ready. Lady Loki’s intentions intensified once she’d had enough of these reset charges, and she abducted a TVA agent at what should have been a regular nexus in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in 1985. She utilized magic at her leisure to dig into the agent’s thoughts and uncover the whereabouts of the Time-Keepers.

The TVA and their own Loki, as predicted, followed the clues until 2050, and Lady Loki’s scheme progressed to the next step. She discharged the primed reset charges throughout history, resulting in the destruction of dozens of branching timelines (that bubblegum proved amusingly prophetic – “Kablooey” indeed). Lady Loki only had a limited amount of charges. Thus it’s logical to believe she picked these sites with care to create the most disturbance to the chronology.

To make matters worse, because these reset charges were carried across the timeline just before they exploded, the TVA would struggle to make things right – and some of their operatives racing to the site may have been caught up in the carnage. And, of course, other nexus events would happen on their own in the background, easily unnoticed amid Lady Loki’s pandemonium.

Lady Loki is the creator of the Multiverse of Madness.

loki episode 2

Lady Loki has generated several new temporal branches. Some of them appear to be reaching redline – the point at which they cannot be reset – by the time the TVA began to reply to her onslaught. The Sacred Timeline is in disarray as the Multiverse of Madness emerges. The majority of Lady Loki’s objectives appear to be centered on Earth. She appears to be particularly interested in the twentieth century, probably because she is the best knowledgeable about that period of history. Lady Loki has also targeted several major alien locations:

  • Hala, the Kree capital planet, in 51AD, and Xandar in 1001, both influencing galactic civilization’s history
  • Ego in 1302, implying that the living planet was destroyed decades before Star-Lord traveled to Earth and sired Star-Lord.
  • Nifelheim in 1606, which would have likely killed Hela, who was imprisoned there by Odin – thus creating a scenario in which Ragnarok never occurred.
  • Sakaar killed the Grandmaster in 1984, probably.
  • Asgard in 2001, resulting in a scenario in which all Asgardians, including Loki, were annihilated.
  • Vormir in 2301, implying that what Nebula termed “the core of Celestial existence” may resurface in the future, even though the Infinity Stone would be long gone by then.

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What Is Lady Loki’s Endgame?

The TVA put an artificial order on the chronology. Any variation of Loki would find insulting because they consider themselves a force of chaos. It’s safe to infer that Lady Loki sees herself as a rebel battling against the TVA’s dictatorship, rejecting the fate they’ve chosen for the MCU’s Multiverse.

She began with simple guerrilla tactics, ambushing the TVA to obtain their valuable reset charges. Now, she has built a nascent Multiverse to keep them occupied. However, she has no doubt that now that she knows where the Time-Keepers are, she intends to eliminate them.

On the other hand, Lady Loki knows much too much about the chronology. In addition, she owns much-advanced technology she shouldn’t have access to, most notably the portals she opened throughout history.

That indicates she isn’t operating alone, but rather with a partner, maybe Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror, a time-traveling villain from the comics who will return in Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania.

Is Lady Loki, Sylvie Lushton aka Enchantress? Or From a Different Multiverse? Where is every male character female? 

lady loki

Marvel fans know to stay through the credits. Still, if Loki is any indication, they should also read the international credits. Lady Loki’s name is actually given as “Sylvie” on one cast list. This might reference Marvel comics’ Sylvie the Enchantress, who was given the moniker after Loki infused her with magical abilities. Going by the full name Sylvie Lushton, this Earth adolescent has little similarity to Sophia Di Martino’s Lady Loki. Still, until her background story is disclosed, it’s difficult to rule out a connection.

Or possibly Lady Loki is from a counterpart universe, a different multiverse here to complete here big plan to take over the Time-Keepers. She is from a universe where all the male characters are females. So we might see a Female Iron Man, aka Natasha Stark, or Female Captain America, aka Shannon Carter, maybe Thor Girl, that leads us to Jane Foster becoming the Lady Thor. Maybe the world-famous Spider-Women or Spider-Gwen. 

Spider Gwen MCU

All this might make Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, the Phase 4. 

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